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The Amazing Race Elimination with Twin Liz Canavan
by Reg Seeton

This week on The Amazing Race, twins Liz and Marie Canavan started the leg in last place before hitting the streets of Bangkok, Thailand without any money. Although Liz and Marie made the best of their Amazing Race financial problem in Bangkok, the twins were overcome with joy when they washed elephants for their speed bump challenge. Despite giving it their all to stay in The Amazing Race, with two free cab rides along the way, Liz and Marie hit the mat in last place and were eliminated from The Amazing Race 19.

Following their journey on The Amazing Race, TheDeadbolt caught up with Liz Canavan to learn more about what happened in Bangkok, what went wrong for the twins, washing elephants, and what it was like to participate in The Amazing Race.

THE DEADBOLT: Well, first off, how far behind were you guys?

LIZ CANAVAN: We started off so far behind that when we hit the pit stop, we were more than two hours behind.

THE DEADBOLT: When you started the leg, did you think you had a chance?

LIZ: Yeah, we definitely did. When we found out we were going to a bus station that was fifteen hours away, we thought that maybe we could catch up to the other teams along the way even though we didn't know where they were and we hadn't seen another team for four hours.

THE DEADBOLT: Do you think it was the speed bump that got you eliminated, or the fact that you had to walk some of the way?

LIZ: No, it definitely wasn't the speed bump. I think it was arriving in Bangkok with no money and that we had to walk everywhere. It put us behind because we didn't have the luxury of taking a cab and that was basically why.

THE DEADBOLT: How hard was it to walk around Bangkok without money? That must have been tough.

LIZ: It was more tough just to know that we had to give that cab driver all of our money at the bus station. Fighting with him and others getting involved, it was such a nightmare. It was just bad news. But walking around, that wasn't the worst because we still didn't know how far the canal was. We never got a good read because we had so many people telling us so many different things.

I mean, it wasn't that bad once we realized how far it was. We were walking for four hours before a cab driver would give us a ride. No one was going to give us a ride. They would just laugh at us.

THE DEADBOLT: Were you surprised at how nice some people were and that they actually gave you a free ride?

LIZ: Yeah, we were really surprised. People in Thailand were so nice that we just couldn't believe it. They didn't really have anything and we just didn't feel right begging from people who didn't have much.

THE DEADBOLT: You both looked so excited by the elephants. Was it as cool as it looked, or different?

LIZ: Oh no, it was as cool as it looked. You're in the middle of a rainforest and it was raining and you get to wash elephants - I mean, those are our favorite animals, so we were really excited.

THE DEADBOLT: Was there anything you wish we saw that didn't make it to air?
LIZ: No, I think it played out fine. It played out the way it played out. We just didn't have enough money and that's really what happened. Maybe just how long everything really took, but it was all true to what happened.

I liked their determination to finish the leg  :kuss:

A second chance didn't keep Liz and Marie in 'The Amazing Race'

by: Sheri Block
Date: 10/28/2011 10:07:00 AM

Liz and Marie Canavan may have got a second chance to stay in “The Amazing Race” during the previous non-elimination leg but the team knew nothing could have saved them the second time around.

The 24-year old twins from Deerfield, Ill., departed the Pit Stop in Phuket, Thailand, in last place and had an extra Speed Bump challenge to complete so were already behind the other teams when they encountered an even bigger problem at the bus station -- their Thai cab driver wanted more money than the girls had.

“All of the other racers had that same problem with the cab drivers. When we arrived at the bus station we gave our cab driver the amount he first said and then ran and bought our (bus) tickets but as we bought our tickets we only had $140 left and he wanted, like, $170. It was just insane,” says Marie.

As they bickered, their bus to Bangkok began to pull away and Liz and Marie panicked.

“I didn’t even know what to do. I was like, ‘We’re going to sleep outside and we’re not going to have any money and we’re going to be sitting here for the rest of the ‘Race,’” says Liz.

But since they made such a commotion, Marie says the ticket attendant radioed the bus and had it pull over. They were then able to catch the bus but since their driver demanded such a high fare, the twins arrived in Bangkok with no money.

The girls were forced to start walking to the next challenge before a taxi driver finally agreed to take them for free. 

“We were never going to beg for money because we’re not going to beg from people who have nothing and we were walking for four hours along the highway before that cab driver would give us a ride because everyone was just laughing at us… we literally tried everything we could and we just couldn’t catch up,” says Liz.

After completing their next challenge (feeding the fish at Bangkok Noi Canal) and having to convince yet another cab driver to take them to the Pit Stop, the twins were too far behind and arrived at the mat last where host Phil Keoghan confirmed they had been eliminated.

Looking back, the team knows they wouldn’t have been able to do anything differently.

“Of course when you’re watching it you’re like, ‘Noooo!’ -- we wish we could do things a little different, be more aggressive about it (fighting the cab fare) but we literally couldn’t,” says Liz.

Despite being eliminated, the twins still had what they call “the best day of their lives” during that leg, thanks to a Speed Bump challenge that involved washing and cleaning elephants.

“Elephants are our favourite animal and when we saw them in the water in the middle of the rainforest, we literally dropped our bags. We didn’t even know really what we had to do yet… but we were so excited because it was so cool,” says Liz.

Running the ‘Race’ also proved to be helpful in other ways for the girls, whose father recently passed away.

“Yeah I definitely think it was (therapeutic). It was just a great opportunity. We were lucky to be on there and we were seeing the world and I think it helped put a lot of other things into perspective,” says Marie.

And even though there were some emotional moments on the mat when they questioned whether they had made their dad proud, the girls now don’t have any doubts at all.

“We did everything we could so yeah of course we (did),” says Marie.

OMG I totally adore they new intro  :bounce


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