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TAR 19: Andy Finch & Tommy Czeschin (Friends/former Olympic snowboarders)

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Andy is hoping to join a mission to Croatia. You can read the whole story here and donate if desired!

I liked them on the race, particularly Andy.  Not just because they were competitive but as they could be funny too.  And it does help to have someone who has fun on the race, like Mallory in 18 or Brook in 17. 

With reality show contestants I try and put aside the snippits of political/religious or social views you get, because I think the general character of someone is often more important than those things and you are never about to agree on every world issue with someone.  The God stuff didn't mean much to me, and they could probably seem insensitive to other religions in something that was said but really I didn't get the feeling it was that important in judging their general character.

Huge Congratulations to Amber and Andy on the birth of their SON today!!  :hrt:

Welcome to the World, Asher Josiah!!

From Andy:
--- Quote ---Asher Josiah Finch born at 10:13am 6lb 9.5 oz 18 inches long

--- End quote ---

Big congrats!!! I loved this boys, hope to see them soon back in TAR! :)


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