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The Amazing Race is full of great moments, moments that just want to make you cry, laugh, or yell. That's one big factor to why I love the show so much, to see ordinary people do great things and experience the vastness of life. So I propose we put together pictures (or screencaps of the amazing race's best moments, I'll include a couple). By "memorable" I don't mean only the happy moments, just moments that are hard to forget (no eliminations, please)

Try not to repeat any of the pictures

a little help for those who want to contribute, to take a screencap, there's a little magic button on your keyboard that will make everything very easy, the "prtsc" button (which means print screen), press it then open up paint or any similar software and paste (Crtl-v) the image. There you go .

Anyone and everyone can contribute to this photojournal

A tribute to Nancy Hoyt, who passed away on December 9, 2011 is found on page 9

Those are some good choices. This could be fun :lol:

here's a little more, help me out here people   :js:

Belle Book:
Jonathan shoving Victoria -- I agree, that was a moment that was hard to forget, but that was also a moment I wanted to forget!

I'd like some photos of the donkeys from Season 12 -- specifically when Ari & Staella had so much trouble with one, and when a second one was hee-hawing at Nate & Jen!  The second donkey made me lol because I thought it was laughing at them!   :lol3:

Belle Book

Try this Belle!  :lol:
TAR--From a Donkey's Perspective!

.com/r/4j7wa8/7]http://[banned image hosting site].com/r/4j7wa8/7


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