Author Topic: Who will be the boot in Episode 10?  (Read 2831 times)

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Who will be the boot in Episode 10?
« on: November 17, 2002, 10:52:54 AM »
I know it is early to put this up.  However, it will get harder to make wise decisions with the teams merged.
I think Mama or Texan mention Brian/Jake and what Jake will do to shake things up?

We have 2 SJ and the 5 CG. Will the CG clean house and get rid of one of their own?  If so who?  Is it based on strength or likeability.  You have only SJs on the jury right now, so, if you are a CG you have Ken who won't vote for you and possibly Erin.

If you get rid of one of your own now you risk losing their vote at the final 2.

Do you knock the SJs down to 1 and then, take out your own, possibly setting the one SJ up to win immunity when you are down to 6 so you are forced to vote out one of your own?

Alliances we've seen Ted/Brian, Jake/Penney, those alluded to Brian/Clay, Brian/Helen, Clay/Helen. Will Jan really go down as a causualty of her team. Would they have the heart to vote her off next?

How big a target is Ted?  Will they dump him next?  He's been seen going off in the canoe alone, he had the Ghandia dirt on him, didn't tie the canoe up tight and it was lost before the merge.

Helen and   her recipes, mountains out of mole hills.  Did you see her in the challenge, she is a threat.  She's looks dangerous on the obsticacle cousre challenges.  

Whacky Jan, too nice perhaps, hasn't done anyone wrong?

Clay?  Dirty old man.  Have you seen all the shoots of him looking and drooling over the woman?  I think this man is a schemer but will anyone follow?  He appears to think and use his head as we saw in the IC.  He could be a threat.

Brian, obviously athletic, and good in the water.  Strong?  How is he at puzzles?  How long can he remain as the king?  If he is left for the final 2 would he win for playing the game as opposed to be liked?  If Helen ends up on jury will her vote be cast for the one who needs the money more?

Jake,  will he be able to squeeze his way into the CGs and save himself? Or Penny? Can they still transfer the immunity necklace?  They didn't tell us that this year.  Will Jake make a deal with Brian while having a deal with the CG woman and Penny?

Penny, how committed is she to Jake?  Will she try to bambozzle Brian into taking her with him as her queen?

Will she be the one to go to Ted and let him know that Clay told them that CG was going for him?  Will she manipulate him to go  into a deal with her?  Will Ted fall for it and try to bring Brian along, thinking that he and Brian are in a strong alliance together?

What are your thoughts?  I will try to post back who, I have narrowed it down to first wanted to lay out what I see.  Also, wanted feedback.


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