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I have sent invites to everyone on my list that I have addesses for.  If you did not receive an invite send me your email address in a PM.  I'll check to make sure I sent to the correct address or let you know if there is a problem.  Good Luck!!!

Rorys clan:
 :wohoo: I'm back and in the tribe :yess:


--- Quote from: s1 on September 11, 2011, 01:10:57 PM ---Start checking your emails.  axeman got his this morning and has been able to join the group.  I got almost everyone invited and CBS's site knocked me out of the invite area and so far won't let me back in.  Will check back later today and hope to get everyone in.  Please post here if you got your email and were able to join.  We will do this!!!

--- End quote ---
Hey S1, I got my invite today, re-registered, made my picks.  But cannot find the RFF tribe. 

Oh wait, just now found it at the top under "MORE" > Fantasy > Your Groups.  It shows the RFF Rocks' top five scorers from last season.
So guess I'm in.  I don't see any other links for our group.

Thanks Rory & S1 for getting the ball rolling!  Hope our other players come back this season.  :tup:


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