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Rorys clan:
 :groan: Well for what's its worth, the CBS fantasy league is up again.  :yess:
I already see some repeated names, do we get to enter more that one is is this typical CBS snafu?
Hopefully bugs are out as site does look different. Hope so, I sure enjoy playing. Hope RFF is well represented. S1, we do'in it again?

Hey Rory, I've started 'RFF Rocks!!!'  and have attempted to send invites with no luck.  Anyone that would like to join please PM me your email address.  When yahoo updated their email they seam to have misplaced some of my address and I'm missing several from our group.  If anyone has changed their CBS address please send me the update.  Will work on this more later but not having much luck right now.

Thanks s1!!

I don't know what CBS has been up to but I do know they've made their fantasy game harder if not impossible to navigate.  Good news/Bad news - Good news - So far we're the only Private Tribe listed (if it is displaying correctly), Bad news - I'm the only one in it.  Have sent rory, peach, axe, ruday, geo, myself and a few others invites and so far I don't believe anyone has received theirs.  I'm afraid it's going to be a long season . . .  :groan:

Start checking your emails.  axeman got his this morning and has been able to join the group.  I got almost everyone invited and CBS's site knocked me out of the invite area and so far won't let me back in.  Will check back later today and hope to get everyone in.  Please post here if you got your email and were able to join.  We will do this!!!


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