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Racing report, China Rush Season 2, complete

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Racing report
Amazing Race China Rush
Season 2, Episode 1

Disclaimer: I do not speak any Asian language, and furthermore is English not my first language so I am sure there will be mistakes.

The race starts in the Lujiazui park in Shanghai. Here 11 teams will embark on a trip across China for the chance to win a trip around the world worth 400.000RMB.

Teams arrive by bus and are:

* Lily & Jan, dating couple from Germany and USA
* Xiao Long & Lv Meng, Wushu coaches from China
* Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er, Recording artist from China
* Paul & Nash, expat teachers from Canada and Ghana
* Mary & Cecilia, cousins/students in Canada, from China
* Matt & Kylie, international students in China (from Australia and New Zealand)
* A Lai & Jackie, Mother and son from Ningja China
* Simon & Katherine, long distance dating couple from USA and China
* Rhett & Howie, 30 year china veterans from USA
* Summer & Eachan, childhood friends and now newly dating from China
* Elena & Tameka, fitness fanatics from UK and Ukraine
The first clue is located on top of the team bags and tells teams to make their way to the Hong Qiao railway station and take train to Wuzhen water town in the Zhejiang province.

Had Fei'er twisted his ankle in the initial sprint to the bags and will have real problems putting any weight on that foot for the rest of this leg. That means running is out and they will be considerably slower than the rest of the teams.

All teams end up on the same train to Wuzhen.
 G7451 Shanghai-Hangzhou 12:40-13:40

Once in Wuzhen teams travel by taxi (except Sun Bin & Had Fei'er who got a ride in a private car) to the Wuzhen monument where the next clue awaits. Teams get this clue in the following order:
  1. Mary & Cecilia
  2. Matt & Kylie
  3. Lily & Jan
  4. A Lai & Jackie
  5. Xiao Long & Lv Meng
  6. Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er
  7. Rhett & Howie
  8. Summer & Eachan
  9. Simon & Katherine
 10. Elena & Tameka
 11. Paul & Nash, long after the others

Paul & Nash had bad luck with their taxi driver who drove them straight past the monument and into central Wuzhen. By coincidence he dropped them off close to the wedding gown museum (see below) where they found the other teams who they followed for a while. Eventually they realized they had missed a clue and went back to the landmark.

Route info: "Make your way to West Wuzhen to the first floor of the Xi Qing Tang Wedding Hall Museum". Once there teams must find a red envelope containing money, they must then present it to a newly-wed bride on Nv Hong Street to get their next clue.

Teams find the bride in the following order:
   1(+7) Summer & Eachan
   2(+0) Matt & Kylie
   3(+3) Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er
   4(-3) Mary & Cecilia
   5(+0) Xiao Long & Lv Meng
   6(-3) Lily & Jan
   7(-3) A Lai & Jackie
   8(-1) Rhett & Howie
   9(+0) Simon & Katherine
  10(+1) Paul & Nash
  11(-1) Elena & Tameka

Route info: Find the clue box at the West Wuzhen old post office. Teams reach this in the following order:
   1(+0) Summer & Eachan
   2(+3) Xiao Long & Lv Meng
   3(-1) Matt & Kylie
   4(-1) Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er
   5(-1) Mary & Cecilia
   6(-2) A Lai & Jackie
   7(-1) Lily & Jan
   8(+0) Rhett & Howie
   9(+0) Simon & Katherine
  10(+0) Paul & Nash
  11(+0) Elena & Tameka

Detour: Hang out or Dig in

In Hang out teams make their way to a fabric dyeing workshop. Once there they must use bamboo poles to hang four different pieces of cloth on bamboo frames high above. The frames seems to be at least 5 meters up in the air. This task looks easy when the locals demonstrate, but teams quickly learn that it is much harder than it looks. Teams also turn out to have trouble remembering to pick different patterns.

In Dig in teams make their way to a local bean paste factory. Once there they must search among 78 unmarked vats for a specific ancient coin. Some of the vats have bean paste in them and it is in this paste the coins are hidden. This is basically a messy and smelly needle in a haystack task.

Choice quotes:
 "In fact, hanging fabric is not that easy", Xiao Long & Lv Meng
 "It was pure luck. We really had good luck. We dug in bean paste two times", Mary & Cecilia
 "It stinks! Is it bean paste? So disgusting.", Jackie
 "Should we give up?", Jackie finds the digging hard
 "I can't even reach the bottom of the jar", Kylie hags with her feet in the air trying to search through all the bean paste

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
   1(+4) Mary & Cecilia (dig in)
   2(+4) A Lai & Jackie (dig in)
   3(+1) Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er (hang out)
   4(-1) Matt & Kylie (hang out, switched to dig in)
   5(+2) Lily & Jan (hang out)
   6(-4) Xiao Long & Lv Meng (hang out)
   7(+1) Rhett & Howie (hang out)
   8(-7) Summer & Eachan (hang out)
   9(+1) Paul & Nash (hang out)
  10(+1) Elena & Tameka (hang out)
  11(-2) Simon & Katherine (hang out)

Route info: make your way to Wen Chang pavilion and take a ferry to An Du Fang dock to find the next clue there.

Teams reach the dock in the following order:
   1(+0) Mary & Cecilia
   2(+0) A Lai & Jackie
   3(+3) Xiao Long & Lv Meng
   4(+0) Matt & Kylie
   5(+0) Lily & Jan
   6(-3) Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er
   7(+1) Summer & Eachan
   8(+1) Paul & Nash
   9(-1) Rhett & Howie
  10(+0) Elena & Tameka
  11(+0) Simon & Katherine

In reality the teams encountered a road block here. One person need to sit on a float tub in the lake and catch 5 fishes. This task was very hard and only two teams, Mary & Cecilia and Xiao Long & Lv Meng, completed it. The other teams made a deal to give up and move on. This is probably why production choose to cut the entire episode.

Route info. Teams must make their way to the east Wuzhen pharmacy and search through more than 100 medicine drawers for four different Chinese characters. When placed in the correct order these characters will spell the location of the pit stop.

On their way there Mary & Cecilia hitched a ride with a local truck. They were not shown to get a penalty for this so either they got it behind the scenes, or the rules are different from the American version.

Paul & Nash seemed to have a very hard time to locate the pharmacy and lost a lot of time.

Choice quotes:
 "We went through the drawers really fast. Around 2 minutes", Mary & Cecilia

The characters spell out "Jiang Zhe Fen Fu", which was the official court house of Wuzhen during the Ming dynasty. Now it serves as the first pit stop. Teams reach it in the following order:
   1(+0) Mary & Cecilia, win a trip to the thousand islands lake in Hangzhou.
   2(+1) Xiao Long & Lv Meng
   3(+2) Lily & Jan
   4(+3) Summer & Eachan
   5(+4) Rhett & Howie
   6(+5) Simon & Katherine
   7(+3) Elena & Tameka
   8(-2) Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er
   9(-7) A Lai & Jackie
  10(-6) Matt & Kylie
  11(-3) Paul & Nash, are eliminated

LOVE your recaps maf!! Thanks for sharing them with us!! :hrt:

Well... It is "Jiang Zhe Fen Fu" actually.


--- Quote from: SuperTux on August 23, 2011, 07:55:38 PM ---Well... It is "Jiang Zhe Fen Fu" actually.

--- End quote ---

You are right, I have updated the report accordingly.


--- Quote from: maf on August 24, 2011, 11:02:44 AM ---
--- Quote from: SuperTux on August 23, 2011, 07:55:38 PM ---Well... It is "Jiang Zhe Fen Fu" actually.

--- End quote ---

You are right, I have updated the report accordingly.

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You made it still wrong :lol: Jiang Zhe not Jiang Zhen


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