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Reilly Queens:
I'm not making any "ews" or  "omg I love hims" til the premiere :) I am giving him a chance and not doing  first impressions

Let's just say he will do a Russell Hantz. :hrt:

For me, Coach gives me the inverse of the "Rupert" effect. Every time I see Coach on another season, I find him more lovable. I didn't like him in Tocantins at all (partially due to my Stephen fandom). I liked him enough in HvV (but between him and Courtney, I'd rather loose him). And now, I think I like him enough that I hope he stays for a while. I like him more than Ozzy, but I LOVE Savaii (Ozzy's Tribe)!

Yeah I was never really annoyed by Coach. I always found him kind of funny. :lol:

I may eat my words for giving him too much credit. But I am wondering if this season Coach won't finally learn how to control the crazy and go all the way.


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