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I just want to know why CBS continues to give Brendon and Rachel a much better edit than they deserve. Why don't they show how mean Brendon is and how  nasty Rachel gets. On the other hand, Shelly doesn't bother me as much as she does some of the feeders. I think she is doing what everyone does, in this game. The morning she asked b/r about a deal I did not think she was serious, but they had ambushed her and worked on her for 2 hours before everyone else got up. Also, when Dom told her she was the only one he trusted, he was also just talking game, imo. He also said similar things to Dani, Cassi and Lawon at one time or another.  Everyone playing is working on each other, and no one is being completely honest about their intentions.

I agree Lily, she bothers me far less than most anyone else left. I think Shelly got caught in the trap of being all things to all people. She even said on the show this week that she had been taking info back and forth too much to too many now she knows.

My thought is that her "lies" were just her playing too hard... but I think we will be able to see more about how she does this week.

Mostly I like her...although her smoking and coughing bothers the heck out of me...she did say her cigs were running low!! :yess: Wish she would stop...for Josie.

I really disagree with Kate regarding Shelly.

I am not her fan at all (she reminds me in looks and bearing of Charlize Theron's depiction of the serial killer Aileen Wuormos in the movie Monster)...she is a liar but no more than most of the players are.

I do believe that she is completely loyal to Jordeff...I also believe that she, her husband and her daughter have a real, loving, nurturing relationship. I watched their daughter yesterday in the show's cannot fake that level of awareness or that sense of closeness...that comes from a lifetime (no matter how short to date it has been) of parental involvement and nurturing.

Anyway, I hope Jeff uses his head for more than a hatrack and noms Dani...dont backdoor, dont make deals...just make the move while you can...if you do, either Jordan or Jeff will win the whole game! If not, look for Dani to win the next HoH in the double eviction and evict Jeff and it will be Dani all the way.

While I am personally rooting for Dani, I think Jeff would be a fool not to put her on the block.

Dani is going to play POV if she is on the block or not. If Jeff decides to try to backdoor her, and Dani wins the POV, she will force Jeff to tip his hand to his own alliance, by forcing him to put one of his own on the block. However, if he simply puts Dani on the block, and she wins POV, he can put up either Porsche, or Kalia and keep his alliance in tact.

Thus far, I think Dani has shown to be the best "game player" in the house. That being said, Jeff has a big opportunity this week to enter that discussion. He has the alliance loyalty, and numbers, he simply needs to make the smart decision. The fact that he is considering backdooring Dani, so he doesn't have to offend her in case she wins Veto, shows how afraid of Dani he really is. But, like I say, if she is going to win she is going to win. The best "game move" imo, is put her straight up on the block. If he doesn't, Dani could stay and you bet your first born, she will break up JJ the first chance she gets.

How stinkin cute was Josie on last night's show?  What a beautiful child.  And you can tell that she is being raised well by the way she speaks and her demeanor.  I thought she was absolutely adorable when she was watching an episode and did the little 'eye to eye' gesture and said, "I got my eye on you!" 


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