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I feel like Jordan and Rachel could only win the big prize against each other.  If it is a newbie and one of them it is likely the newbie would win the jury vote because people don't care for Rachel and everyone dismisses Jordan because she has already won before - plus the jury would be split newbie/vet with Dani being the wildcard and more than likely signing with the newbies.  Rachel even though she has found has a better chance against Jordan because she has played a better game throughout the season, and Jordan has a better chance against Rachel than anybody else because people like her much more than Rachel.  That is just my two cents.  That said I really hope it is J/R in the final.

OK! This thread is pretty large and we have a big eviction tonight. Get your posts saved or post them here.,26156.msg658115.html#msg658115

You have 5 minutes!  :lol:

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