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China Rush 2 TV Ratings/Share (Dragon TV)

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Thanks to 收视率研究专家 (Prof. on TV Ratings), a user in Baidu Postbar, who is supposed to be an employee of CSM, the company that kicked Nielsen out of China years ago.

We have only ratings/share data for the present (and I think it refers to households population). (收视率研究专家 has confirmed this.)

Airing Date  Airing Time(GMT+8)          Name          Episode     Ratings/Share
Aug 7            14:10                   TAR: China Rush S2      1           0.12/0.93
Aug 14           14:10                  TAR: China Rush S2      2           0.07/0.57

Comparison with other reality shows on Dragon TV: (English names are from my poor translations. Sorry that I don’t know their formal English names…)

Airing Date  Airing Time(GMT+8)   Name                                Ratings/Share                  Genre
Aug 8           23:00                  Eastern Live                                0.43/1.25               News+Survey+Debate
Aug 9           21:20                  Happy Cube                               0.40/1.18             Talk Show (Originality derived from Lie to Me)
Aug 10         22:00                Beauty Academy                           0.15/0.55              Reality Competition (About Dressing)
Aug 11         21:10             Who Can Choose One From 100?      0.79/2.37               Dating Reality Show
Aug 12         21:05              Choose One From 100                     0.89/2.48               Dating Reality Show
Aug 13         21:10                Sing From My Heart                       0.42/1.20                          Reality
Aug 14         19:30                  Dancing Gala                                0.97/2.7              Reality. Similar to Dancing With The Stars

1) Sing From My Heart is not a competition show. Contestants sing to the people they love, are grateful to, or feel regret for, to express their deepest feelings.

2) Dancing Gala once created a record with incredible ratings at 15.9.

Not only is your English good it is WAY better than my Chinese ;)


--- Quote from: Prophet on August 15, 2011, 08:21:52 PM ---Not only is your English good it is WAY better than my Chinese ;)

--- End quote ---
:lol: Hope that's flattery:)

During the last week (Aug 8-Aug 14), the top ratings program was Opening Ceremony of International Universities' Games in Shenzhen. 7 channels broadcast it, with total ratings/share at 6.48/17.72.

Pertaining to ratings/share on TV dramas, the top ratings program during Aug 12 to Aug 14 was New Princess Pearl: Gone with the Wind on Hunan TV with the data 1.69/7.04, followed by Boy Scout Volunteer Group on CCTV-1 with the data 1.73/4.48.

I personally think the ratings of a show over 1 could be considered "very good."

Wonder if they count all of us linking in?? :lol:


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on August 15, 2011, 08:41:05 PM ---Wonder if they count all of us linking in?? :lol:

--- End quote ---

ICS-China Rush replied to me on (a website similar to twitter), after I told them the bad ratings on Dragon TV.

ICS: "Be optimistic! It means we can still make great progress in future. BTW, you watched it, we watched it, but there's no set meter in my room, and what about your room?"

I: "Neither..." :lol3:


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