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from the links above.. i have to check out their twitter and FB page again. i was too wrapped up in BB13 to really pay attention

The regular version has just started on Friday night. Think it's a good mix of housemates, quite a few interesting characters in there this time.

They've also got a good first week twist with Pamela Anderson in the house, and the golden swimsuit twist is a pretty good twist considering the awful twists we've had to endure in the UK for the past few years. :lol:

I'm watching BBUK the regular verision on Daily Motion..they show the daily show no commercials so about 45 mins for each day.. here's the link for Day 3 getting ready to watch day 4 you can find the other days..Interesting HG's and I like the different lil tweaks

This is the first season of the UK Big Brother I've enjoyed since I began watching in 2007.  The characters are better than what Channel4 would have cast.


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