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server issues--NEED HELP PLEASE!!

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In an effort to improve the forum loading times, Rob will be deleting all attachments prior to Oct 2010 in the next week or so.
He has deleted ones prior to Oct 2009 already...
Can I ask for some help please?
Can someone do a run through of the season 15 spoiler and Map thread and see if anything crucial looks missing? They can be recovered but only for another week or so....after that we will be kissing them goodbye!
Also I need help with 16, 17 and 18 as well...
If you see a precious spoiler that is crucial, please make a list here with the post links and I will go into emergency embed mode, but I need help!! The clock is ticking!!
This is our chance to save anything we need for later, so please give me a hand??
Neobie and Chateau...this ESPECIALLY means you!!  :kuss:
Maybe say  something like I have reviewed TAR 15 pages 1-10 so we don't double cover? ???

Not to worry, I have all my maps on my hard drive unless something nasty happens to my computer...

Peach, can you find an online home for these (TAR 15)?

Of course!! I can add a Neobie thread if we are mapless.. Thanks!! :kuss:

will do it tonight.

I need a lot of eyes on this please...our spoiler babies are too impt to lose!! :jam:

I covered TAR16 and 17 Locations/Destinations

Here a few items that could be affected:,21994.msg561818.html#msg561818,21994.msg561811.html#msg561811,21994.msg560555.html#msg560555,21253.msg507907.html#msg507907,21253.msg505832.html#msg505832,21253.msg505523.html#msg505523,21253.msg505181.html#msg505181,21253.msg499088.html#msg499088

As far as the rest of TAR16 Locations puddin has the crucial sightings embedded in her summary post so none of that is needed.

Thanks prophet!!


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