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--- Quote from: ThunderStruck on August 19, 2011, 03:48:56 AM ---Hey Kate, Everybody knows she's lying. Even Jeff and Jordan know she's lying to everyone, but Jordan feels she's really with them.  I don't think she fake cried at all. That was as real as I've ever seen when you're just so happy to see the one's you love (military). But I think everyone but JJA would put her on the block. Rachel is lying saying she won't out of loyalty to Jeff (hahaha) but she would. I know about when someone on that show gets on your nerves or under your skin...I've muted BBAD a million times from Kalia talking & eating and talking!
Oh yea, just remember, nobody respected Russell's tactics (like everyone can see about Shelly) and he didn't get the votes in the end.

--- End quote ---

I hear what you are saying and of course you are right about Russell - he made it to the final 3 but got no jury votes.

When I saw the wheels turning in S head was when J offered her the isolation plus the phone call.  S contemplated it, and almost said no, then I think realized what a boost this would be to make herself look like she was sacrificing for the phone call and then she added the tears for the whole effect. 

This is for the most part not a likeable season of HG.  Last season there were so many fun people who made the season interesting ie Hayden and his amazing competition skills, Britney and Lane and their cool friendship, Enzo with the Jersey Shore persona, Regan and who could forget Brenchel.

You're right, we each have our least liked; for many I think it IS Kalia; for me it's Shelly for the way she threw Dom under the bus on Day 2 and hasn't stopped lying since.

I've started a new thread for you, this one is pretty long.   :talk

Let's move to our nice empty (but not for long) thread! http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,26028.new.html#new 


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