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TARAus 1 Episode 12 Episode Discussion (Singapore/Australia) *SPOILERS*

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This is it! The final episode, airs 8:30pm till 10pm 9pm till 10:30pm on Monday, 1 August. Here are the TV guide details:

It's a race to the finish line when The Amazing Race Australia returns home for the winners to be crowned tonight. In Singapore, the teams seek their race riches from a local fortune teller; while a 55 storey tight-rope crossing Detour tests their nerves. Back in Australia, they search Fremantle Prison for their next clue. But the final challenge brings them all unstuck as they struggle to remember the highlights of their epic journey. Only one team will persevere to get to the finish line first and take home the $250,000 prize. Hosted by GRANT BOWLER, LUKE, JEFF, MATT NUNN, TOM WARRINER, TYLER ATKINS, NATHAN JOLLIFFE, SAM SCHOERS and RENAE WAUHOP.


Tightrope challenge similar to TAR17 Episode 1!
and Durians!
OMG WE GET A REAL FINISH MAT - NOT A FAKE ONE LIKE TARA (But all the teams stand behind Grant  :wtf: )

Wow! The finish already! I'm not sure which team I really want to win. I prefer Sam and Renae over the others, but I would not mind if either of the other two won.

Good luck to all three! :)


--- Quote from: kevint2005 on July 18, 2011, 06:19:12 PM ---averages as of episode 10:

Tyler & Nathan    2.40 
Matt & Tom     3.20                                                       
Jeff & Luke     3.20                         
6th Anastasia & Chris      4.50   
5th Dave & Kelly      4.55                     
Sam & Renae    4.60                                                     
7th Alana & Mel     6.66                               
11th Ryot & Liberty    7.00                             
9th Richard & Joey     7.25                       
8th Mo & Mos     8.60   
10th Anne-Marie & Tracy   8.66 

--- End quote ---

Sam and Renae had the lowest average placement at the beginning of leg 11, and I think they were lucky to make it this far.  They won legs 1 and 11, but have had many close calls in between.  I wouldn't mind seeing them win though.

Can't wait for the final! :wohoo:

FYI, The Amazing Race Australia finale has been pushed back to 9pm next Monday to avoid a clash with the Masterchef finale on a rival channel. It will be a 1.5 hour show.


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