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Episode 1 recap
« on: July 06, 2004, 10:08:41 PM »

Project DNA = Do Not Assume


Let the games begin. It's the first show of a new BIG BROTHER season, and this year's theme is Do Not Assume. Project DNA for short. Nothing is as it seems. Everything is open to interpretation. With BIG BROTHER 5, you never know who you're living with for the summer.

This year, there's a twist so big it could impact the lives of the contestants as much or more than if they win the big prize. The big twist? Two of the HouseGuests are related. On BIG BROTHER 5, there might just be a long-lost brother you'd been looking for your whole life or a sister you didn't know you had.

Ranging in age from 21 to 41 and hair color from purple to balding, our HouseGuests hail from all parts of the union. There's Mike, the 41-year-old commercial painter from Eastpointe, Michigan; Diane, the 22-year-old cocktail waitress from Burlington, Kentucky; Michael, the 23-year-old security officer (who's partial to wearing his cowboy hat--even when brushing his teeth) from Durant, Oklahoma and Holly, the Los Angeles model who is named after Hollywood and will only give her age as 20s. Of course, no household is complete without a resident mortician, and BIG BROTHER is no different: it's got 36-year old Marvin the mortician from Conway, South Carolina.

The thirteen gather in front of the House and get their marching orders from host Julie Chen. First to enter the house are Adria, the 30-year-old web designer from Birmingham, Alabama; Lori, the 26-year-old yoga instructor from Boston; Jase, the 28-year-old firefighter from Decatur, Illinois and cowboy Michael. After getting a look at the concrete room--you sleep on a slab--the quartet chooses the wood room.

Next up: Drew, the 22-year-old recent college grad, Holly, Jennifer, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from San Antonio, Marvin and Scott, the 26-year-old sales rep from Pittsburgh. We get to see a little bit of strategy as Marvin chooses the cot. His philosophy? He wants everybody to think he's "taking one for the team."

The final group rolls in and finds that the worst-case scenario has come true: they will be sleeping on concrete slabs.

It promises to be a hot summer as the scoping begins the moment everybody lays eyes on each other. Jase puts it out there right away, observing, "There's tons of cute girls in the House," and Holly quickly pigeonholes some of the men of the House saying, "Drew and Scott--that jock/fratboy type," which doesn't necessarily seem like a bad thing.

Marvin plays Master of Ceremonies as everybody introduces themselves. The sole individual that people seem to think is a goner for good is Jennifer, who with her tattoos and purple hair already stands out. The situation is only made worse when she announces, "I prefer to be called 'Nicomus.' It means, 'Daughter of the Moon.'"


Meet-and-greets completed, Julie invites the HouseGuests into the backyard for the first Food Competition. We get a little insight into how Holly sees things when she refers to the giant double helix spinning in the backyard as "the giant moleculey thingy."

Each HouseGuest must crawl across the oversized spinning strand of DNA, plucking yellow balls from the apparatus and placing those balls in a bag as they go along. Each yellow ball has a food item written on it, a food item that everybody in the House will then get to eat, including high-end goodies like filet mignon and lobster tail.

A nervous Michael goes first, and despite initial jitters, he shows how it's done. Marvin continues to showcase his gift for nimble linguistics, remarking, "Michael was great, that marsupial ability. He's got some 'monkey in the family.'" Holly is the only one to not complete the task, but the HouseGuests are thrilled as they hear of their upcoming meals. As Michael put it, "We are going to eat like kings and queens."

But just as Lori is adding her yellow balls to the total, Julie instructs her to hold onto the "Lobster Tail" ball that she retrieved. Later, Julie instructs her to open up the ball. Lori does as she's told, and inside the ball is a key. Julie then has Lori walk over to a chest and use the key to open the chest. Inside, Lori finds $10,000 in cash. For a moment, everything seems peachy as everybody gets to eat and Lori gets $10,000. But Julie quickly reveals the twist. If Lori keeps the money, the whole House loses all the groceries they earned and has to eat peanut butter and jelly for the week. If Lori decides not to keep the money, the $10,000 will be offered to the next HouseGuest, who will then decide whether they will keep the money or force the House to go on a PB&J diet.

Lori agonizes briefly, but decides to take the money, a decision that sits well with no one and makes her a clear target.
Jase, Drew, Scott and Michael quickly form a bond. Scott dubs them the "Knights of the Round Table," and there is camaraderie to spare between the boys.

Will, the 26-year-old registered nurse from Tupelo, Mississippi, lets Lori know that he's gay. He admits, "I don't want to play the Gay Card too early. I want us to just be sitting around at dinner one night, and I'll let slip about my boyfriend or something." Will feels a kinship to both Lori and Karen, the 30-year-old artist from Saddle Brook, New Jersey, and admits to being worried about "the Alpha Male contingent."

But the real excitement and energy comes from the slow revelation that Michael and Jennifer share a father. As everybody is talking about where they're from and talks about their parents, it becomes increasingly clear to Michael that Jennifer is the little sister he never knew he had. The few things Michael had ever known about his father were that his last name was Dedmon, he served in Vietnam and lost part of his foot while on tour there. As Jennifer reveals her last name, that her father did a tour in Vietnam and that he had part of his foot blown off, Michael begins to piece it together and manages to keep a lid on his emotions at the same time. "My emotions started tripping out hardcore. I was gasping for air." In a revealing moment, Michael admits that he came to win the money for his family, but it feels good to know who his father is.


When the first Head of Household (HoH) Competition forces the HouseGuests to partner up, Will is the odd man out. The HouseGuests are split into six pairs, each with a Walker and a Talker. Julie will ask each of the Talkers a question that can be answered with yes or no. Depending on whether they answer the question correctly, their partner, the Walker, who is positioned on a treadmill, will have their speed increased or left the same. Whoever lasts the longest will have a shot at being Head of Household. Whoever loses slides back into a pile of mud and loses the chances of becoming HoH.

After a few rounds of questions highlighted by Marvin and Holly both getting questions about themselves wrong, the final teams are Scott and Jase versus Karen and Lori. But after 27 minutes of running, Karen falls back into the mud, leaving Jase and Scott the last team standing. Julie calls Will into play with the tiebreaker question, a question about himself that Jase answers correctly, thus becoming the first HoH!

Who will Jase nominate? What will happen if Michael tells Jennifer that he thinks she is his half-sister? Find out Thursday at 8PM ET/PT on the next episode of BIG BROTHER 5.

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Re: Episode 1 recap
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sounds like a good show....Only saw 5 minutes.. It was bath and bed time for munchkins in my house