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BB13 Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/10/11

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Rachel HOH

Brendon CO HOH

Keith and Porche are Nominated for eviction

Evel Dick left the game

Daniele has the Golden Key safe for 3 weeks from Nomination

Brendon and Rachel won POV

Jeff and Jordan are cooking

Brendon is still playing in his super man suit

Dom is going to dress as a villian

Brendon and Dom are going to put on a show of the super hero and the villian. 

Lawon is narrating and Cassi is doing sound effects.

Looks like Brendon and Dominic are going to act out a scene in the backyard

RAchel and Dani are discussing the next HOH and how they need to get passed it and that it is huge

RAchel Dani you are going to do great in this game you have a great social game

Dani no you don't understand my social game sucks and if I don't like someone then I don't fake it.

Rachel I don't know why people see me as more as a threat than Brendon

Dani when Brendon talks game he is in the moment and doesn't think a head.


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