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Reilly Queens:
I figured we needed a spoiler thread other than the returning contestant thread.

We already know Coach/Ozzy is returning. Redemption Island is still there too :res:

and Peach if you need a little thing for the one forum, here is one,

The 2 tribes in Survivor:South Pacific are  Upolu and Savaii.It is not clear whether what colour it is(One is Blue while the other one is red).
Information from Survivor Skills.

One of the contestant will be relative of a past, and controversial player.

Survivor Skills Presenting

Brandon Hantz
Age: 20
Houston, Texas
Married with One Son
Works @ Hantz Tankering Service

He is the nephew of Russell Hantz.  :lol3:

According to TDT's calender, filming has finished.

According to Survivor Sucks, one of the returning players is one of the final 3. *coughs* Ozzy *coughs*

I personally think RI deserves another chance because I don't think last season was a good season to showcase it.

At the first Murlonio TC, if Ralph had played his idol for Matt rather than Mike, the entire season would have been turned upside down.


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