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Rachel  rushes outside and grabs Jordan to talk to her up in the HOH.. about what just took place with Cassi

7/17/11 BBtime 8:46 pm  Feeds 3 & 4 where she grabs Jordan Then feeds flip to 1 & 2 where  Jordan asks her whats wrong and Rachel.. "plays the victim" to Jordan.. :lol3: 

 wow...this girl is NUTTY!!

Jordan tells Rachel and Cassie about the first time she and Jeff had sex.

07/15/2011: 8:48pm BBT  Cam 1

Cassie and Rachel talk in the H/N  As soon as their talk ends, Rachel goes to the HOH and Jordan tells Rachel how it is.

07/17/2011: 8:25 BBT Cam 1

Jeff and Jordan in the bedroom then move to the SR so they can talk without someone sneaking up on them. Jeff tells her that he heard there was a plan to have B/R back door them, but it was all started by Daniele.He wants her to keep talking to Dani. This is the start of Dani's downfall.

07/24/2011 4:25PM BBT, Feed 3 Cam 3

Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon discuss Daniele and compare notes in the HOH about Dani and Kalia.

07/24/2011: 7:24 PM BBT. Cam 3.


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