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9/13/11 12:12am PT porsche talks to adam about her telling rachel how she got on BB that it wasnt from just a phone call ** which ADAM is using to get in the girls head**

this must be a sore topic for porsche cuz she is making sure these 2 have their facts right about how she got on BB

porsche says she told  rachel "you of all people knew that  more than all people how i got on here"

porsche say" Now im like watch her try and use that against me.. and i told her about the Kalia thing, that i gave Kalia the 5g's from pandora's box..

Porsche says she doesnt want any surprises from the  jury and that she thinks kalai may have told people in the jury house.

Porsche tells Adam if she wins she will make it worth it for his vote.

09/14/2011, 1:53 PM, BBT,  feeds 1/4

Porsche: Hey! quick what was she saying. Campaigning while I was asleep?

Nah, but I was campaigning to myself I'm so sick of her, I'm so done with her, I do not want to see her win a f'ng penny. I'm so sick of her, I'm so done with her. Some of what she said last night sank in. If you want to take me I will help you win that half million dollars, but if I'm not, you got my vote.

09/14/2011, 1:54:24 PM, BBT,  feeds 1/4 Porsche: "Kewl! I was gonna make it worth it anyway for you, but, I think I have a better shot...."

(I thought it was against the rules to offer anything to another player, or to split the money. This is the 2nd times she's talked about this.)

9/13/11 1:53pm PT  ALL CAMS adam goes off to porsche about rachel that he cant stand her

porsche  quick what was he says was she campaigning while i was asleep?

 adam no i was campaigning while i  couldn't sleep  last night to myself.....

 I dont want to see her earn an f'n  penny!! Im so f'n over her so sick of heri Im so done with her. i know you have to do  thats why my favorite saying is " in the morning i will see what you  were saying" if  im not sitting next to you, you have my vote

porsche well i was gonna make it worth it  for you

adam i lost all respect for her.. this ends in less than a minute

seems like porsche takes this info an keeps it to herself because not too long after rachel comes out porsche and rachel are alone and porsche tells rachel that adam hasnt said anything to her.


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