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***Super Pass For Mobile Phones***


SuperPass is offering something new this year, they will offer feeds for smart phones. Apps are being developed for both the iPhone and Android cell phones. You must have a a subscription for the feeds in order to view them with your phone.

When you sign up for the feeds, during the signup process you will be offered the opportunity to sign up for the feeds on your smart phone. If you already bought the feeds like I did and didn't have that choice, we can sign up starting July 7, 2011. You simply need to go to using your mobile device browser and will be prompted to sign up for the mobile add-on.

Want to sign up for SuperPass to get the feeds? Click here

The "Live Feeds" tab will go live on SuperPass at 9pm PT/12am ET. It will be next to the "Live Interviews" tab.
You will be able to access the live feeds on your iPhone/iPad at 9pm PT/12am ET. We will not have any more info until then.
The mobile android app will not go live until 9pm PT/12am ET. It is called "Big Brother" but we won't have any more info until then. They can also check for more info.
The live feeds will start at 10pm PT/1am ET after the live show airs on CBS on the WEST COAST.

This is also a great reference:

Heads up!!  This is from the Superpass team

Hey CBS has decided not to release their app tonight. They are still working to complete their app (our portion is ready to go). They are trying to get it ready tomorrow. will be the best place to get updates. We are REALLY sorry about the inconvenience. 


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