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If I say who my favorite is.. or favorites then they will be jinxed for sure. Maybe I should say Daniele and Kalia are!  }:>  I can't condone the blatant lying/backstabbing that I see happening this season and even more the mean spiritedness. I didn't enjoy watching Russell chasing Ronnie back to the HOH nor letting him have anything to eat the year that Dan won and I'm not enjoying this season either.

I do hope that Brendon comes back, otherwise it could end in a slaughter and only the weak floaters left and that really WOULD be boring! Kalia and Daniele think they just need to get rid of the guys and Rachel and they have final 2 and they could be right. However as the saying goes, the best made plans of men and mice... often go awry, especially in the BB house.

OK!! Two minute warning! I'm going to lock this thread and move us to the new one..  

We'll move here?,


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