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Welcome everyone, old members, new members and RFF guests to the ongoing BB12 discussion thread #1!  We will discuss the live feeds here. (Not to be confused with the "live feed "updates.") 

Unless you are updating in the live feed thread, please do not post  there, this is your thread to discuss the feeds. Someone will answer if you have a question or just want to vent about a HG.  :lol:  Depending on how busy we are, if you post anything other than an update in the Live Feed thread, it either will be moved or deleted. We do try to move them but sometimes it is just too hectic. :angel:

Read the rules, love or hate the House Guests but respect your fellow members and their opinions.

Also a reminder, Real Networks has asked that we not post any videos from the live feeds and we respect their request here on RFF. The mods are here to help. If you see something that is questionable, use the "Report to Moderator" button.

Whoohoo! Game on!

I'll start.. I love Dominic!

Reilly Queens:

--- Quote from: TexasLady on July 07, 2011, 09:34:59 PM ---I'll start.. I love Dominic!

--- End quote ---

but hate his partner! Adam is getting on my nerves! I really hope he goes early!

I also like Brenchel *throws up shield* and Jordeff this season again. I also hope Dani plays her own game. I really would have thought that they would have talked after Big Brother 8, so sad to hear they didn't :(

I'm glad to see Jeff and Jordan again, but would like for the newbies to have a chance to give us something different. 

I'm curious to see how Rachel is going to play this because I'm sure Danielle is going to push that she and ED be nominated.

Weekly stats of Big Brother 13:

Week 1: Rachel, HOH, to be continued...


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