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It has ALWAYS been 21. A few exceptions have occasionally been made for an applicant TAR wanted. Read the application FAQ's.

The casting website has been updated again with more information about the upcoming round of applications.

Casting for the Summer 2013 race has closed. Online applications for the Fall 2013 race are now being accepted.

The FALL 2013 race will film some time during NOVEMBER 2013 and December 2013. The application deadline for this is APRIL 26th, 2013.

Online applications are accepted year-round via this site, or you can attend one of the listed open calls. You are not required to submit an online application and attend an open call; at least one is required.

Please refer to the open call section periodically for updates to the open call schedule, and to the FAQ section for additional information.

So you have nineteen days to put together your videos and get them submitted.

Great! So, why do they change the date period for the apps? I was going on the end of May from last year. Is it possible to still do an online app and get into the fall season if the app is done and sent by the end of May, or I'm I screwed and have to change my username? My cousin, who I am applying with, is about 800 miles away and I'm seeing him on the 19th.

I would assume that they mean what they say...apps for TAR 23 are due by 4/26.

BUT apps are also accepted year you never know. I would get it in, you really have nothing to lose, you can always reapply.

I have a ton of TAR questions. I am convinced that when my wife an I apply, we will be picked...and win!
So here it goes:

1. When should you exchange currency/ how much currency to exchange?
2. Bottled water - provided or not?
3. When or should you call for a taxi at the end of each leg? Or is there a rule against this now?
4. How often can you tell what the Roadblock is before you read the clue?
5. How often do you rely on cell phones?
6. Tips for international travel or what to do after plane lands?ie customs
7. Time change on watches? Alarm clocks? How does that work during the race with all the time changes?
8. What to pack........ cold weather clothes, sleeping bag, stuff for taking showers,....?
9. iPods and mp3s allowed?
10. How long do the pit stop interviews last?
11. How difficult is it to sleep during pit stops?
12. Does production tell you when/where to leave your bags during roadblocks & detour?
13. Does a map from a detour ever help later in the leg with navigation?

I realize that most of these would only be known by racers or from reading racer interviews. I was also going to DM a few of these questions on twitter to some former racers, but I'll give them a shot here first. Thanks ahead of time


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