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Well , the audition is kinda of a tough burocracy and it sucks to try to get into the show  :lol3:

But i think you can see things in the CBS site!

Hi Brian! :welcome: to RFF!

Sadly, applications for TAR 23 are now closed.

But you can vist the CBS site for info on how to apply for TAR 24!

Reading thru this thread might give you some ideas. Good Luck!

thanks Guys! :) Well i'm 19 right now, so would i be able to apply for AR 24?

No. Applicants must be 21, by the start of the next Race  to apply.

Have a good look around the CBS site --it has all the answers you need!

It's 21 now!? me and my friend were gonna apply after we graduated high school!  :groan:


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