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Now I'm still waiting for the lifting of that American passport restriction... *wishful thinking*

(Come on, the other franchises can deal with various passports and visas, why can't the good old US of A?)

wow, an application for upcoming TAR 20 is now on the go!  I hope this guy by the name of Tom Stuker who'd recently collected a 10 million miles on his frequent flyer membership & his wife should join this show:

And if so, he'll be becoming more famous just like Rod & Amber of Survivor, the Globetrotters and Jeff & Jordan of Big Brother who'd joined in the race before. :tup:

Hello all.  I am trying to apply and upload my video, but nothing seems to work.  I finally got it under 30 MB but it STILL won't let me submit my application.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  :duno: (:;)

Where are you uploading it and what format is it? I'm sure we can offer some suggestions.

Thanks so much.  I tried to submit it just now.  It went through, but I have a feeling no video was attached, which is disappointing.  It wouldn't accept my QuickTime videos, so I converted to MPG4. But at that point I can't submit my application and/or the blue line doesn't go away.  It's just disappointing.  I'm so bad at this stuff.


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