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If you have recently applied or been to a casting show...I MIGHT wait till they update page since they have your info already. If you an application virgin, lol...maybe anytime...

This is cool, my teammate and I just finished shooting our footage for our third time :hoot:, I'll edit it and have it ready when they open in up again for 26.
Last time ours looked and felt professionally done... alas no call back, this time its all rough and off the cuff. :) hopefully that will do it. Other wise wait again for another season. :gaah:
So this make try number 3... :groan:

That sounds great! Good Luck!!

Hi Realityfanforum family,
It has been a long............ time since I have been here.   Alot of life changes.  My mother passed away unexpectedly which should not have happened.  Had a few years of grieving to deal with that.... Two of my sons which you have seen in  my Amazing Grace Race pics have married  two wonderful girls.  and as of February 5th I have finally become a grandmother......her name is....get this....Sadfyre Azura Rain Hubbard.....It fits because she has her daddy's sapphire eyes.  We call her Sadie   I guess it took Sadfyre to bring me out of my grieving period,  but I am back and ready to catch up with old friends......If someone would please post the website that you send in your applications to, I would be greatly appreciative.   
p.s.  Love reading all the latests posts.....

Here it is kadila:

Also listed in the first post of this thread


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