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--- Quote from: Charlie90 on December 06, 2013, 06:49:08 PM ---One question..

Does any of you have an out of the ordinary job, previously appeared on a tv show or is related to a sports player, musician and/or tv-personality, maybe is an american with a different ethnic ancestry or have a disability?

Don't get me wrong. Hopefully you guys are picked cause that would be the biggest dream of any TAR fan. But it seems the casting people are only interested in people who have any of these pre-requisites..

--- End quote ---

I get your point. It's frustrating to read about how production contacts/recruits teams like the Ice Girls from this season or hockey players from last season. It seems like every season more and more teams are recruited. This is part of the reason why the ratings are slipping.

As long as I have a chance, I will apply. No matter how small of a chance that is.

me too we i think we have a good back around to be choosen, but we're going to keep trying until we at least get an interview. One day we'll get an interview. :) I'm not going to stop until we get one :)

I wonder if TAR is going to start loooking at average joes like me .... to many "pro's" or people that the average Joe can't relate to :cmas5. It seems that when they put average joes on TV they get better ratings.. LOL

Oh well... another time of the year I wish I was American to be eligible to apply.

I would like to run in the Auz teams, those guys look like they have a blast too.  :cmas26 Plus I think they might drink more...LOL


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