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Hey everyone!! I'm doing something completey outa the box and throwing myself into this 100% so here it goes:

 Superpass Big Brother Live Feeds  had a contest where we could submit a 2 minute video saying why we would like to  GUEST CO HOST a recap show with SuperFan Missy Zeigler.

I submitted my video and was picked as 1 of the 10 finalist.  :wohoo:

I need your help!!  If you can please vote for me that would be great!  It's an early morning show (Noonish ET)  1 day per week. They will be picking the top 3 for the position.

 Voting ends July4th! You can vote 4x's per day every 6 hrs!

You can see my video and the others here along with  the voting pole!

 Thanks Everyone!! :hugs:

Ugot aka Michele from da Bronx~

Voted!  :lol:

Dr. Rogers is beating you!  :ascared

You go girl!! AWESOME!!

Come on guys, we can do this! Help ugot!! :jumpy:

Dr. Rogers  aka "MOODY" has WLBB-We love big brother and AABB-all about big brother pushing her votes.

You would be MUCH more fun!! Setting my phone alarm to remind me to go vote again in 6 hours!!


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