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TNT's The Great Escape (from Ron Howard and the producers of TAR)

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Hey ALL!!!  Am new here and a Reality Show Nerd!!  I live very close to the SINGER CASTLE/DARK ISLAND (20 miles?) site for the castle show of the new GREAT ESCAPE.  I am, as well as so many Northern New Yorkers, so impatiently waiting for the Premier!!  They taped the show here MANY months ago, I guess all of the shows are completed so far, but the only info I can find now is that the series will start Summer of 2012.  If they ARE still casting, they must be doing this for shows way into the future.  COME ON!!  We are ready to check out this show!!!!  Kim :iok

 :wel2  to RFF kimmertowne!!

That's a great news to hear!!  :hearts:


--- Quote from: kimmertowne on February 05, 2012, 07:05:22 PM ---Hey ALL!!!  Am new here and a Reality Show Nerd!! 
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Welcome to RFF Kim! You have come to the right place!

This show sounds like a lot of fun!  :wohoo:

 :hello2: :hello2: :welcome2:

This show is speculated to be a HUGE summer hit. I actually know quite a few people who've applied for the show. It's going to air this summer! on TNT!

Produced by Ron Howard AND Producers of Amazing Race?! I have a feeling it'll be a bigger hit than we realize. I'm totally down to help promote for this show. It looks like an interesting concept and something totally new, than what we are used to seeing.

10 episodes. 3 teams per episode! :) I guess the teams are going to be memorable on some and outrageously fun to watch.

Lets hope!!!!




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