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Evil Dick quit for “personal reasons” Right, he quit to give Daniele the gold key.  That’s the only way she will stay in the game.  The Newbie’s are to smart to keep the Retreads around specially Daniele.

watch his statement before making assumtions....

(No personal comments towards another member please)

Does anyone know  why Dick wouldn't be allowed back into the game?

i watched the entire nine minute + video response (sort of) from ED regarding his leaving.  While he never gives specifics, the one thing that did catch my attention is that he says that he was never called to the DR...cbs producers actually came out of the DR to get him...must have been something really bad....i hope like he says that he does get a chance in the future to come back again.  and thr fact that producers have been calling him to check on the situation, tells me he is in for AS2..lol

PPG: If they came out to get him then it must have been serious. He would be running this game right now if he were still in the house. We would be loving it or hating it, no in between. I would be loving it!  :lol:


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