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Name: "Evel" Dick Donato
Age: 48
Previous "Big Brother" season: Winner of "Big Brother" 8

Other than Janie, Dick was my favorite player ever. I will never forget the pots and pan wake up for the HGs.  :lol3:

I have to say that Dick was definitely one of my favorites through all the seasons. I loved that he played the game as who he was, instead of trying to suck up to everyone at different times like we have seen other hg's do! And him tormenting Jenn was just a bonus for me!!! I couldn't stand her!!!

 :(   I was so looking forward to chopping with Dick this season. I had more chops and chop ideas in that season than any other. Priceless antics to work with.

I thought I would share this. I am NOT a BB watcher.


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