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Recap From Non-feed Watcher
« on: July 19, 2011, 01:38:06 PM »
Here's a good recap from someone who doesn't watch the live-feeds.

Big Brother XIII Recap – Newbies Alliance Falls

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19 Jul 2011

Big Shirtless Rob is a huge Big Brother fan even though I didn’t start watching until season seven when my wife introduced me to the show.

Typically my thoughts on the show are shushed away by this same wife. This is what happens when you try to talk during the show. She also prefers I don’t talk about it during sex, but that is a whole different issue.

Starting today, I will deliver my Big Brother thoughts on this here blog. This makes you lucky. However, keep in mind, I do not watch the After Dark and I do not watch the Live-Feeed. Sorry, I have a life.


I’ll be honest, after Evil Dick exited the house mysteriously I thought the veterans were done. The new kids on the block may have lost that first competition, but they still had the votes to kick out who they wanted. I thought for sure Porsche was gone.

Of course this might have more to do with the show’s editing. The fact is, on the episodes that aired on CBS, there was never a moment where we saw both Shelly and Kalia discuss removing Porsche over Keith. We never saw them go up to the Head of Household room and side with the veterans (except in that half-ass way to Rachel and her boy toy).

Clearly Kalia and maybe Shelly were convinced Keith was a loose canon after his little out-burst when he accused both Porsche and Kalia of conspiring with the veterans. That has to be the reason, right?

Of course with Dick leaving the house, the newbies would still have the numbers even with Keith gone, yet they couldn’t pull out the golf competition, won by Jordan of all people.

This of course sent the newbies into a panic.

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