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China Rush2-Show discussion!!! Ep 12-Final!!!. **WARNING--SPOILERS**

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Let's discuss the Episodes here!
This will be a full on spoiler thread, so do NOT read until you have seen the episode if you prefer to watch unspoiled!!
If anyone wants to update or do a running recap during or after the show, this is the place!
We can talk about what happens during each leg here, so beware! There will be spoilers if you haven't seen it yet!
I am going to ask those watching Dragon TV to use white spoiler bars since it airs 6 hours before ICS.
ICS watchers may update normally.
BUT anything to do with the PREVIEW for the NEXT episode should go back to the spoiler thread here please! NO next episode spoilers here.,24777.0.html

Link to watch the latest ep is right here: It should rerun during the week:
ICS (English)
airing on on Aug7th 20:00(Chinese time) (>>that is Aug 7 0800 EST)
2nd link:
Dragon tv (Chinese)
airing on Aug 7th 14:10(Chinese time)
First promo:
official website:

Eachan and Summer(Chinese friends newly became couple)
Lily and Jan(USA girl and Germany boy met at Shanghai and fell in love)
Rhett and Howie(USA friends live in China for 30 years)
A lai and Jackie(Chinese Mother/Son)
Simon and Katherine(long distance couple-USA/Hong Kong)
Elena and Tameka(Friends-Ukraine/UK)
Matthew and Kylie(Classmates-New Zealand/AU)
Hao Feu'er and Sun Bin(Chinese Singers)
Xiao Long and Lv Meng(Chinese Martial Arts Teacher)
Mary and Cecila(Chinese Consins)
Paul and Nash(English teachers-Canada/Ghana)


It will air on August at Dragon TV(东方卫视)and ICS.

Can't wait  :hearts:

Thanks for the promo.

2nd promo:

I thnik all of you can watch this! :lol:

Thanks weihen :)


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