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If Phil was just staying ahead of the teams in Phuket, then that may confirm that both Thailand legs had to be put into place at the last minute. The double roadblock task(s) would have made sense as part of one leg along with the tasks in the previous leg, which would lead me to think that they had a well-planned contingency leg for Phuket, but that whatever the emergency was elsewhere, they had to divide the originally planned leg into two legs where all of the tasks were essentially centered in Phuket.

This second Thailand leg really does seem to be one of the oddest legs ever.

Oh,how bad is it that we dont have nothing about spoilers from PanamŠ...

sure we do...we got PANAMA in the first place, we have the rapell/high wire challenge, and a couple of other things too IIRC..

Some additions:

--- Quote ---Most Luxurious Destination?

The Luxurious Amazing Race is an oxymoron. What most people donít know is that the racers sleep anywhere and everywhere, you eat any food thatís available, and you wash up in the nearest sink, or garden hose. We slept on a restaurant floor in Indonesia, a boat dock in Phuket, a clay and straw hut in Malawi, and a hammock in a rural village in Panama. We stayed overnight in airports across the world (Singapore has a wonderful airport) but we also had some luxurious hotels! If youíre in Yogyakarta, the Sheraton treated us wonderfully and the outdoor pool and gardens are extremely peaceful and serene. The Sunbird Livingstone in Malawi was right on the lake with a stunning backdrop for your meals taken on the patio. Two other modern hotels were the Riu in Panama City and Siam@Siam in Bangkok (I highly recommend their Pad Thai!). We also had a wonderful cultural experience, and delicious hot chocolate, on the Havet Ship in Copenhagen!

--- End quote ---



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