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EPISODE ONE:  Malibu California to Taipei Taiwan
Film Date:  June 18-20 2011
Air Date:  9/25/11
Leg Route/Tasks:
Phil Stand ups shot at: Pt. Mugo, Malibu California SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2
STARTING LINE: Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, California  SOURCE
ROUTE INFO: Drive yourself in white Ford Explorers to LAX, fly to Taipei Taiwan
ROUTE INFO: Travel by bus from airport to XHONGXIAO FUXING STATION, then transfer subway to XIMEN, find a clue written in Chinese (behind red and yellow ballons??) on  Electric BillBoard. Ask local to help translate Chines characters. SOURCE
ROUTE INFO: Travel by subway to Confucian Temple  SOURCE

ROADBLOCK INFO: Confucious symbol of Knowledge: Use public phone to dial information ( must borrow a phone card from local or purchase one) and get word of knowledge, tell what you hear to a monk. SOURCE

ROUTE INFO: Travel by taxi to Core Pacific City Living Mall SOURCE
ROUTE INFO: Travel by taxi to Da-Jia Riverside Park, Help row dragon boats, one team member must be the Drummer and the other the Helmsmen  SOURCE
PIT STOP: [url=,25526.msg619917.html#msg619917] SOURCE


Team 1: Yellow; M/F Ernie/Cindy >> Win Express Pass!! 0930
Team 2:Purple (?) Jeremy Cline/Sandy Draghi M/F 0937
Team 3: Lime Green Justin/Jennifer Young siblings  0940
Team 4: Ethan and Jenna  1008
Team 5: Orange: Married Couple,  Amani/Marcus Pollard, 1016
Team 6: Gray (?) Father/Son Laurance and Zach Sunderland:  1024
Team 7:Light Blue (?): M/M Andy Finch/Tommy Czeschin 1025
Team 8: Blue: M/M team 1048
Team 9: Pink F/F Lisa Tilley/ Kaylani Paliotta 1110
Team 10:Red Liz/Marie Canavan      1132
Team 11: Dark Blue (?): Bill/Cathi Alden,  apparenty arrived 4-5 hours after team #10.

many thanks to BayBay & Prophet for allof their help!! I couldn't have done this without you

EPISODE 2 :  Taipei, Taiwan to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Film Date: June 21-22, 2001
Air Date: October 2, 2011

ROUTE INFO: Fly to Jakarta, Indonesia and travel by train to Yogyakarta
EVIDENCE:  Teams spotted at Jakarta Airport (CGK) SOURCE  10 teams spotted at Gambir station buying tickets.  SOURCE
TIMING: All teams except Ernie/Cindy seen at station beginning at 1457. SOURCE 1  SOURCE 2.  Teams believed to have left on KA Gajayana which left Jakarta at 17:45-17:50? SOURCE

ROUTE INFO: Find Bukit Indah Hotel/ Restaurant. SOURCE
TIMING: HoH 8:00 AM.  All teams presumed to be together at this point.

Roadblock: One team member must descend 160 feet into Jomblang Cave and search for a Javanese mask and dagger.   SOURCE

ROUTE INFO: Find Malioboro.

DETOUR: Dance or Park. 
Dance: Dress in Ketoprak make-up and costumes; one team member performs a dance and the other does a song playing the  gamelan (Javanese instrument); teams must collect money from the locals until they have reached 15,000 Rupiah then must donate that money (plus their own?) to the Aisyah orphange. (Amani?Marcus, Ethan & Jenna, Kaylani/Lisa, Laurence/Zac SOURCE Located at the cross junction in front of post office (Kantor Pos Besar) and Benteng Vredeburg (Vredeburg Fort) SOURCE
Park: Dress in a Valet uniform and par park enough motorbikes to make 15,000 Rupiah then donate that money (plus their own?) to the Aisyah orphange.  Located in front of Malioboro Mall SOURCE

ROUTE INFO Run to Pitstop: Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace (Kraton) SOURCE1 SOURCE 2  All teams checked in by 2 PM.

2 (unknown) teams eliminated

Big thanks to LeafsFan aka RealityTVistheBest  for their work on Leg 2!!

EPISODE 3: Yogyakarta, Indonesia to Borbudur, Indonesia

Film Date: June 23, 2011
Air Date: October 9, 2011

ROUTE INFO: Make your way to Fort Vredeburg
ROUTE INFO: Make your way by bike with members of Pory Jadul to Nagasem Bird Market  SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2

DETOUR:Grass Feed: Complete Indonesia Farm Chores (including carrying & delivering 2 bags of rice and 1 goat) SOURCEAmani/Marcus, Justin/Jennifer, Jeremy/Sandy, Andy/Tommy, Bill/Cathi
Rice Field: Deliver midday meal to field laborers and plant 100 rice seedlingsSOURCE 
Lisa/Kaylani   Liz/Marie

ROADBLOCK: Count the different hand positions on the Buddah statues at Borobudur Temple  SOURCE   Justin, Ernie, Marcus, Lisa, Marie, Jeremy, Laurence, Bill

PITSTOP: Borobudur Temple  SOURCE

EPISODE 4: Yogyakarta, Indonesia to Phuket, Thailand

Film Date: June 24-25, 2011
Air Date: October 16. 2011

ROUTE INFO: Fly to Phuket Thailand  SOURCE1 SOURCE2

ROUTE INFO: Travel by boat to the Island of Ko Panyi SOURCE

ROADBLOCK: Rock Climbing

DETOUR: Umbrella: Setting up umbrellas on the beach
Underwater: Building coral planters underwater
Production Hotel: Novotel, Phuket credit to Leafsfan

EP 6:Thailand to Lilongwe, Malawi

Film Date: June 29-July 1
Air Date:  Oct 30, 2011

Location: Malawi via Land and Lakes Safari announcement  SOURCE credit to zacz for the find

ROUTE INFO: Fly to Lilongwe, Malawi via Johannesburg, South Africa
Flight: SAA 170 SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2 both with F/U confirmation by peach
Arrival sighting Lilongwe June 30 12:30 PM (via Joburg) SOURCE

ROUTE INFO: Find Limbe tobacco facilitySOURCE

Team sightings enroute to Malawi:
Andy/Tommy, Marcus/Amani, Ernie/Cindy, Bill/Cathi, (presumed) Justin/Jennifer, Laurence/Zac

possible PITSTOP: Kumbali Cultural Village SOURCE

EPISODE 8  Malawi to Copenhagen Denmark

Film Date: July 4, 2011
Air Date: November 13, 2011

ROUTE INFO/ TASKS Teams arrive in Copenhagen the evening of July 3rd and drive themselves to Vor Frelsers Kirke. HoH requires teams to wait until the morning of July 4th to enter.  Climb to the top (?) to receive their clue    SOURCE  SOURCE 2

ROUTE INFO/TASKS Drive yourself to Hillerod Castle and enter the Great Hall SOURCE  SOURCE 2

ROADBLOCK:[/b] Dress in Medieval clothing and perform a dance. SOURCE

ROUTE INFO/TASKS: Drive yourself to Frilandsmuseet SOURCE

DETOUR: Bunny Racing (!) or Butter Churning SOURCE   SOURCE2

DOUBLE U-Turn located after the Detour near a Windmill SOURCE

PITSTOP Copenhagen's Larsen's Plad on the ship Havet SOURCE

 Thanks to Chateau d If for his Amazing work on this leg. You are a Producer's Nightmare but a Detective's Dream!




LEG 4 Thailand (June 25th) Source 1

Fly from Jogja >> Jakarta >> Bangkok >> Phuket  (Teams on different flights. EP winners, both AA couples, blondes are assumed ahead)

Source 2

Source 3

LEG 5: ?? ??

LEG 6: Malawi (June 29th) Source 1 Source 2
Source 3

LEG 7: Malawi again

LEG 8: ?? ?? Possibility

LEG 9: Hillerød and Copenhagen, Denmark (July 4) Source

LEG 10: Brussels, Belgium (July 6) Source

LEG 11: Panama City Source

Leg 12: Atlanta (July 10) Source

The team name links to a picture of them

1. M/M Laurence & Zac Sunderland (Father & Son)
Safe through Leg 3 Source
2. M/F Cathi and Bill Alden (Married)
Safe through Leg 3 Source
3. M/F Ethan & Jenna (Survivor winners)
Possibly eliminated in Leg 2
4. F/F Marie & Elizabeth Canavan (Twins)
Safe through Leg 3 Source
5. M/F Jeremy Cline & Sandy Draghi (dating)
Safe through Leg 3 Source
6. M/F Marcus and Amani Pollard (Married)
Safe through Leg 3 Source
7. M/F Justin & Jennifer Young (Siblings)
Safe through Leg 3 Source
8. M/F Cindy & Ernie (Engaged)
Safe through Leg 3 Source
9. M/M Andy Finch & Tommy Czeschin (skiers)
Safe through Leg 7! Source
10. F/F Lisa Tilley & Kaylani Paliotta (Friends?)
Possibly eliminated in Leg 2
11. M/M Bill Smith & Ron Zeitz (Gay Couple)
Possibly eliminated in Leg 2

Note that safe through a leg only means unknown status after that point. If they are confirmed to be eliminated it will say so.


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