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EP06: Prague, Czech Republic

Film Date: N/A
Air Date: 27th June

Leg Route/Tasks:
ACTIVE ROUTE MARKER?: Carry cases of beer

DETOUR?: Ice hockey


Safe from Elimination at End of Leg:

* Tom and Matt - Last spotted on route to Sri LankaPossibly Eliminated:

* Nathan and Taylor - Last seen getting off train in Europe
* Chris and Anastasia - Last seen doing crossbow task in Prague
* David and Kelly - Last seen in Prague
* Jeff and Luke - Last seen in Prague
* Sam and Renae - Last seen getting off train in EuropeEliminated:

* Liberty and Ryot
* Anne-Marie and Tracy
* Richard and Joey
* Mos and Mo
* Alana and Mel

Promos (to be provided by Coutzy :lol: )

FWIW, ice hockey and beer carrying might be lifted from TARA2's second leg in Prague.

I think there's a second leg in the Czech Republic:

* Leg 7 in Czech Rep.
* Leg 8 in Krakow
* Leg 9 in Israel
* Leg 10 in Sri Lanka
* Leg 11 in (somewhere, maybe Singapore, maybe a second leg in a previous country)
* Final leg in Perth/Fremantle

What European countries are big in beer? Answer is Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic or Slovakia

What European countries are big in ice hockey? Answer is Czechoslovakia or Slovakia.

Conclusion - next leg stays in Czech Republic or Slovakia. I hope they go to Bratislava.

There is eye witness evidence that there were 5 couples in Israel, therefore the NEL must be either this episode or the next. If the next two legs are still in Europe, I would predict that this leg is a NEL and then maybe a train journey to Krakow?


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