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I was just listening to Lee Dewyze's song and then I realized I got bored of it, and decided to look for Crystal Bowersox's new songs on Youtube.



After listening to the two songs, I realized I really miss that voice a lot a lot. I hope she'll be like Jennifer Hudson, finally make it 3 to 4 years after American Idol.

1 whole year after Idol and it seems like there's no more news from her. I really hope she doesn't give up and continue to work on her music. Her music gives me chills and I love both songs.. her voice just inspires me a lot alot.

Go Crystal!! Go Crystal!! You have a fan here! :hearts: :<3

Her song "Father's Daughter" is so sad it brought tears to my eyes. Did that come from in her own life experience?  :'(

She was always my favorite and should have won last year. I've seen her performing on some of the national television networks and found this today.

Where are they now? 'American Idol' Season 9's Crystal Bowersox
By Lindsay Deutsch, USA TODAY
Updated 06/08/2011 04:21 PM

What's the biggest change from the American Idol tour to post-Idol career? "I do what I want now!" says dreadlocked singer-songwriter Crystal Bowersox, 25. With only a year having passed, the Ohio folk singer has released an album, embarked on her first tour and somehow had time to tie the knot.

Her decidedly un-Idol style has been embraced by "amazingly talented, huge-name acts," Crystal says. She has shared the stage with the Doobie Brothers, Blues Traveler's John Popper and Vince Gill. And she has showcased that sound on her debut album with Jive/19, Farmer's Daughter. The autobiographical album has sold about 200,000 copies since its December release.

Crystal, whose summer tour ends on Oct. 16 in Dallas, hopes to move to Nashville with new husband, musician Brian Walker, and her 2-year-old son, Tony, who "thinks he's taking over the world now."

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I really hope somebody sees her talent and give her a chance. I was never wrong with the Idols I supported.

When Jennifer Hudson went, I was like... this girl will make it big one day!! And then look at her results today!

Crystal falls into the same category as well and I hope she waits long enough for her chance to come!

I wasn't wrong about Carrie Underwood too. But I was kinda surprised that Katherine McPhee and Jordin Sparks didn't make it. I mean, they're sort of a small household name.. but still as compared to Jennifer, Carrie and Kelly.. they have a long way to go.

Just you wait.. Crystal will make it big one day! <3

She will make it to the big time, it's just a matter of time for her.  :tup:


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