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TARAus 1 Episode 6 (Netherlands/Czech Republic) Episode Discussion *SPOILERS*

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--- Quote from: the_insider on June 22, 2011, 06:51:52 PM ---From there to the pit stop - Prage Castle is about 2.5km.  I can only assume the archery task was somewhere in between.

--- End quote ---

I don't think that the archery task was somewhere close to the detour location and the pit stop. The detour was in the main square and the pit stop at the castle and both they are in the old part of the town with many buildings and not enough open space. The archery task was in an open space somewhere not to close to the city center but I think on the same side of the river as the castle.

The archery happened at Strelecky Ostrov, the same location Flight Time & Big Easy got eliminated in TAR15.

very ncie catch, tarflyonthewall. I agree with you. The name Strelecky Ostrov "translates (roughly) as Archer's Island." How appropriate!


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