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It's kind of late now, but I found a couple of pictures on Flickr (posted yesterday) that appear to be from the Panama leg. I can't grab a copy of the pictures due to all rights being reserved, perhaps someone else will have better luck.

The first one looks like a cameraman following Tommy through a rundown street. There is a sign that appears to be in Spanish.

The second one shows one of the Panamanian dancers.

This one is entitled "Producer". I'm not sure it belongs because the photographer is taking a picture of someone I don't recognize. Maybe it's referring to the older guy using a cell phone.

Because of the date in the exif data that says it was taken December 7, 2011 (yesterday), I started to post it in the TAR 20 sightings, but I think this just has to be TAR 19.

Just in case it matters, if you start looking through the photostream, there are some tasteful nude pictures, so it may not be suitable for your workplace. Honest, I was looking for more TAR related pictures.   :cmas13

Chateau d If:
That 'producer' happens to be BVM himself.  :cmaslol


--- Quote from: Chateau d If on December 09, 2011, 04:19:06 PM ---That 'producer' happens to be BVM himself.  :cmaslol

--- End quote ---

 :cmaslol  I was wondering if that was him! Given the timing, I was thinking that might have been posted by someone on the production staff.

That then raises the question of who they were photographing because that doesn't look like anyone I recognize from that episode. It certainly isn't one of the racers.


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