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LOL, maybe it's possible production.

If they really are in Taiwan, I have a million cousins that could keep an eye out.  :lol:

This is not really a sighting and who knows where he is getting his info from but @Brunolad posted this on Twitter:

--- Quote ---the amazing race 19 start yesterday,teams are ahead to taiwan
--- End quote ---

Guys,i'm @BrunoLad. I was tweeting what was said here  :groan:


--- Quote from: Prophet on June 17, 2011, 09:06:57 PM ---American Airlines Flight 80 from DFW is departing to London's Heathrow at 21:30 CDT.

--- End quote ---
Could it be a connecter flight to someplace else?  :duno: :duno: :duno:


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