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TARAus 1 Episode 5 (South Africa) Episode Discussion *SPOILERS*

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It seems to me that order-of-arrival tasks should be placed in an active route marker context, as the waterslide in Dubai was and shouldn't be Roadblocks or Detours. :tup:

I prefer skill-based tasks which prove which teams are truly the best. I tend to dislike random searching tasks because sometimes teams can be unfairly disadvantaged at such tasks.

I tend to agree with apskip about the lack of drama when the bungees or skydiving or whatever is done in sequence.  I think there can be drama, though, when there are multiple stations for the task.

There was a bungee in TAR17, but it was in the final leg, and even though they had 3 separate stations, there were no changes in position.

There was more drama in the tight rope RB in TAR16, and with multiple cables, there was chance for some teams to advance while others lagged.

There are other examples of this with various ascending and descending tasks over the seasons.  The tasks can be daring and still result in teams switching positions, which adds to the enjoyment, from my perspective.


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Also, I really like this leg. I especially like the task with the hourglasses. Were any of these tasks from another version?

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It was from the Cape Town leg of TARA 2.

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Actually it was from each of the last 2 ARA2 legs. The penultimate leg had the orphanage task with painting walls substituted for bringing toys. The final leg had the Atlantis Dunes ATV inverted baskets/hourglasses task.

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I am glad that TAR Australia is at least reusing tasks which is at least interesting and good in some way. I especially loved the visiting of the orphanage this leg. I knew that it has been done a few times on the race before but seeing the racers stop racing and giving thanks to what they have in life is a plus point.

Detour was a fair challenge, of skill and manual labour. I would have done the shooting challenge even though I don't know how to do it. I just think that shooting is definitely way more interesting than moving barrels and filling them up with red wine.

The Roadblock was... what I call this a truly AMAZING RACE. First they had bungee last leg, this leg they had skydiving. Makes me wonder, when was the last time teams had to do a skydiving or a bungee jumping in a regular season of The Amazing Race?? I don't really remember anymore but I always thought that skydiving and bungee jumping is something you won't be tired of seeing... I know it's expensive.. but it's JUST SO COOL. If you get what I mean.

What I didn't like about this leg was that the sand dunes task already had a luck prospect to it already. So they should keep the waiting time of the hour glasses down to less than 10 minutes. A 45 minutes hour glass is just gross and unfair, IMHO.

Great teams, great leg. Chris and Anastatia =T_T, Mo and Mos are finally gone. The all-male teams are owning the race, of course with the exception of Mo and Mos. I don't know how the farmers are always so quick. Nathan and Tyler are always so competitive. Dave and Kelly and Alana and Mel just somehow fall behind all the time.

Greattt season so far! :tup: :tup: :tup:

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Allow me to express a contrary view (as if that never happened before). I find the bungee jumps and skydiving and jumping off a tower with proper restraining systems dull. There is never any change in the relative position of teams during one of these tasks. The bungee jumping is guaranteed to have teams come out in the same order they go in unless someone chickens out (which has happened only once in the history of the Amazing Race or Amazing Race Asia that I recall). Sky diving planes are giving orders to make sure the jumps occur in the exact sequence of when teams arrived for that task. It's the same for tower jumps. Also, all the safety gear and training makes the risk of these jumps negligible.

I bet that if I were the one going on these tasks I would find that incredibly exciting. However, watching a telecast of them just fails to excite me at all. That was not the case for AR1 or AR2, but by AR19 these tasks are "old hat" and a bit boring.

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I agree that it doesn't changes position or what and it was definitely boring watching from them going up to the tasks and such. But from a racer's point of view, I do feel for them and feel exciting for them as well. Seeing them jump out of the plane and enjoying the skydive...? Priceless.

I think it is appropriate for the first ever season of TAR Aust to have all these tasks, but I agree that after 18 seasons of TAR.. it is no wonder that they cut down on these tasks.

Anyone know which airfield they used for the skydiving? I can't find anywhere in Cape Town that's even close to Grant's pronunciation...

I can't identify the airport, but here is the companhy likely to have run the tandem skydiving ROADBLOCK:


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