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Dear all,

I just googled to see if there is any news about The Amazing Race 19 and I found the following web site in Chinese posted it today.

The message is about a sponsor request for Dragon Boat organization/team? to participate in the show.

The request mentioned the 1st leg will start at Taiwan. 11 teams will go to Riverside Park? (in Yilan County?). TAR teams will become a helsman and drummer and work with the dragon boat teams (which they are now requesting) to race to the finishing point.

Estimate date for shooting is on June 20...And they will do the test on Jun 18 & 19.

I am not sure if this is a solid information...but i just want to share what i found.

Here's the English translation of the webpage he linked to:

--- Quote ---Hello
I just call you Miss Huang
The attachment file is a program business case shot
Please refer to
Helmsman and the drummer which is served by our program participants
Outright other hand, would like to invite your organization assisted oar

Dragon Boat on to invite you to participate in
In addition to the TV than you can make some pocket money 啦 ~ ~
And promote the image of Taiwan, oh ~ ~ Sports

Basically, to be first than the left end
Do not need a full day in the field ~
If outstanding issues welcome letter / e contact

Could you discuss with your team members after
Reply thanks again

Subject: U.S. CBS TV The Amazing Race "Adventure Challenge" shoot demand

◆ Program Name: The Amazing Race "Adventure Challenge"
◆ Host: Phil Keoghan ◆ Type: Reality TV ◆ Length: 60 minutes per episode ◆ Country: U.S. CBS television
◆ Taiwan Channel: AXN Channel ◆ Taiwan Language: English
◆ broadcast countries: 9 countries, including Taiwan, to January 2011, a total of seven countries or regions create their own version.
◆ ratings: 1 quarter from the U.S. to the 18th quarter of the average ratings of 8.8 to 13.5 (unit: millions)
◆ Official Website: ◆ Synopsis: The United States began in 2001 CBS television broadcast of the reality show quarterly record number of players in the global competition for the month.
The program is divided into several stages for which the knockout section of the last out until the last three on the players left to complete the final showdown, the winner Keyihuode $ 1,000,000 in prize money. Starting point for all games in the U.S., after the middle of the world countries. Teams must be given by producers around the world route guidance information, and the race complete the task.
"Adventure Challenge" from 2003 to 2009, the 7th row to get the best prime-time Emmy race class winning reality show (Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program), beat the "I want to live "and" American Idol "and other influential reality show. The program in some other countries in the world, regional television stations also aired in, and some broadcasters have been authorized by United States copyright side the production of local versions of "breathtaking challenge."

◆ Programme requirements:
Location is the first leg of competition this season in Taiwan, eleven group participants to the Riverside Park will be dragon boat races, the scene of the dragon boat team dragon boat races to help participants to. Helmsman and the drummer from the program in which players as with the dragon boat team Gongtongnuli program to end.
Dragon boat race team to assist totaling 12 teams

◆ expected shooting date: June 20, 2011 (a), June 18 (Sat) and 19 (days) for the test of time, a total of three days.

1. Need numbers: 18 people per team
2.6/18 (f): 6 teams, 6 / 19 (day): 12 teams and 6 / 20 (a): 12 teams. (6 teams to be to 3 days, and the other 6 teams to 2 days)
3. On the spot to provide Apparel
4. Reward: 6 / 18 6 / 20 $ 54,000 per day; 6 / 19 6 / 20 two days $ 36,000.
5. Need not be a long day in the field, the game is completed you can leave.
Thanks for taking the time with your organization, please reply, thanks above
Contact: Linda
--- End quote ---

Seems possible but on the other hand easily fabricated. Who knows?  :duno:

If true, it looks like they will be heading westbound again, which means probably a west coast starting line. How many places are left in LA that they haven't used for a starting line? Maybe O.J's old house?

Maybe not TAR 19 and an international version ???

Thanks so much schwarzmoor!! Keep us updated if you see more??


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