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Kiwi Jay:
I beg your pardon, there is a possiblility that the second leg in S.A could be a Non-Elimination, only a hunch atm

Jeff/Luke are safe. They have been seen in the promos wearing the knight costumes in Europe ;D

A few bits from the TV guide-

--- Quote ---The remaining nine teams face their fears in South Africa. While some of them revel in African traditions, others struggle to deal with the challenges including feeding giraffes. Another couple finds themselves on the wrong side of the law, while Richard and Joey's ruthless determination threatens to be their downfall.

--- End quote ---

And a longer piece on Richard and Joey & this episode by Dianne Butler

--- Quote ---So Richard and Joey are the team to beat on Amazing Race. That's according to Richard and Joey, because they shaved their hair off last week.
I don't know that it's going to be very effective.
The other contestants don't seem remotely threatened.
Apparently "nobody" likes Richard and Joey.
Alana and Mel? I think it was them - the sisters - who said it. The marvellous thing about this show of course is we, and Richard and Joey, don't have to wait long for Alana and Mel to look like idiots themselves.
All it takes is a manual gear shift. How many people have come unstuck by one of those?
Hard to believe, really. You don't often see two people driving the same vehicle.
But at least it's a reasonably sensible challenge. Some of the ones tonight (Monday) are completely inane.
Building a giraffe feeder. Dragging a goat. (Tyler and Nathan's approach: "We just took the bull by the horns and dragged the thing up there.")
The contestants are in South Africa, by the way. They left Macau and made their way, by various routes, to a carpark in Port Elizabeth where there's a car waiting.
I realise that sounds easy, locating a car in a carpark, but you saw that episode of Seinfeld where nobody can remember where Dramer parked his car - and Elaine's goldfish either dies or almost dies and George does a wee in the carpark and I think Jerry might too and it's all very, very bad.
Kramer bought an air conditioner and has to cart it around while they try to find his car. And this is more or less - though not really - how Amazing Race starts tonight (Monday). Do the farmers always get banjo music when they appear on screen?
Maybe I'm only noticing it now for the first time. It's a nice touch. Makes me want to see Deliverance again.

The Amazing Race
Channel 7, 8:30 PM
Three Stars

--- End quote ---


It's worth noting, though, that Dianne Butler is a twat. Her "reviews" usually consist of extended tangents having absolutely nothing to do with the show, to the point where you wonder whether she even saw the episode she's supposed to be talking about at ALL. Believe it or not, that Seinfeld rant is actually one of her shorter efforts. Since she's first and foremost a gossip columnist (who in person makes Dave & Kelly seem classy), it's a bit like New York Times readers having Will Shortz writing about baseball.


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