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TARAus 1 Episode 4 (South Africa) Episode Discussion *SPOILERS*

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--- Quote from: slayton on June 08, 2011, 09:15:10 PM ---The HOO by itself didn't bother me.  The problem that I had was that there were also 2 other bunching points with flights.

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I daresay the leg was planned with a lot of bunching so that Richard and Joey couldn't skip away thanks to the Fast Forward and claim this leg uncontested as well.

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And so that the U-Turn wouldn't determine fate perhaps?

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There was no bunching after the U-Turn. In fact, the first-come-first-served nature of the bungy was as far from bunching as you could have gotten.


You are basically right due to the fact that the bungee ROADBLOCK takes enough time to guarantee spacing between teams after they complete it. There were few changes in the order of teams from Bloukrans Bridge to Nomathangsanga to the Addo Elephant Park. However, if the tasks after the ROADBLOCK were more variable in their outcomes, it wouldn't have been the case.

Omg. I just watched this leg and it gets better and better.

Can't believe that Richard and Joey were eliminated! I admit that the U-TURN had a big part to do to their elimination. But don't forget that they spent a huge amount of time getting their car out as well as bickering with each other. I would have wished they stayed on (even though I don't like them and the 8th place team is a useless team)

I just love the teams on TAR Australia! They're so fun and interesting! We have nice and interesting teams like Matt and Tom, Luke and David, Kelly and Dave.. and is it just me or is Alana and Mel getting loads of edit these few episodes? Sam and Ranae are okay, Tyler and Nathan... (acceptable and they were appreciative of the surroundings this leg so that's a plus point for them for me this leg) and the only team that is making the race really boring is... Mo and Mos. I mean, they're the underdogs. But if they win.. I think it will be a shocker to anyone. Chris and Anastasia = :meow: but at least they're interesting.. in some ways.

The Detour was really cool.. would have wished for a better task than building a giraffe feeder. Maybe they have to get a giraffe to eat from it to add some interactive aspect to it.. but aww well, you can't have everything.

Leading the goat to the witch doctor =  :tup: :tup: :tup: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

Adds to the funny aspect as well as the animal aspect AND it also shift up (just) a few position here and there. Rather than Roadblock then straight to the pitstop, we have another task and I'm not complaining.

Loving TAR Australia and I can't believe I'm in love with so many teams! <33333333


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