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EP04/EP05: Macau to Port Elizabeth (via Johanessburg) AND Cape Town
EVIDENCE: Sighting at Macau airport Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Facebook post Source
Film Dates: 12 - 16 NOV
Air Dates: 6 June

Leg Route/Tasks:
ROUTE INFO: Make your way to Johanessburg? or Port Elizabeth?
Yellow team went via Bangkok at 2:10PM
Some/All the other teams went via KL at 5:00PM
EVIDENCE: Sighting at Macau airport Source

DETOUR: Dancing with the locals? OR Build a giraffe feeder?
EVIDENCE: Promo with C/A dancing with locals and TV Guide

ROUTE INFO: Drag a goat?
EVIDENCE: Promos and Review

ROADBLOCK: Bungee at Bloukrans Bridge
EVIDENCE: Source and Promos

ROUTE INFO : Ride quad bikes at atlantis sand dunes near Cape Town
Evidence: Twitter reply to Caper Source, Promos

TASK: Skydiving

ROUTE INFO: Make your way to Cape Town
EVIDENCE: Facebook post Source

INTERSECTION: V&A Waterfront in Cape Town
EVIDENCE: Photo Source

DETOUR: Wine OR Shoot

PITSTOP: Make your way to the Pitstop, Rhodes Memorial
Credit to Caper
EVIDENCE: Facebook posts from bystanders, Picture of Grant at the Pitstop Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

Safe from Elimination at End of Leg:

* Sam and Renae - Last seen getting off train in Europe
* Tom and Matt - Last spotted on route to Sri Lanka
* Nathan and Taylor - Last seen getting off train in Europe
* Chris and Anastasia - Last seen doing crossbow task in Prague
* David and Kelly - Last seen in Prague
* Jeff and Luke - Last seen in Prague    
Possibly Eliminated (in South Africa):

* Alana and Mel - Last seen driving in South Africa
* Richard and Joey - Last seen driving in South Africa
* Mo and Mos - Last seen at shooting task in South Africa

* Liberty and Ryot
* Anne-Marie and Tracy

Next Time on TARAus:

- Richard and Joey get their car stuck in the mud
- RB: Bungee jumping
- Team gets pulled over by the police

We have an intersection in Cape Town so we are assuming Jo'berg - Leg 4 (Elimination) and Cape Town - Leg 5 (Elimination OR NEL OR TBC?)

--- Quote ---TV GUIDE: The remaining nine teams scale great heights to face their greatest fears in South Africa. While some teams revel in African traditions, others struggle when it comes time to feed the giraffes.
--- End quote ---

Promos - Credits to Coutzy

Kiwi Jay:
Dave and Kell have been seen in armoured gear.

Teams spotted in Europe:

Teams in South Africa (2 will be ELIMINATED, 2 will be safe to Europe)

Do we know two will be booted? Couldn't the second South Africa leg be a NEL?


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