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AusTAR- Exit Interviews. Interview with fourth eliminated team posted.

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The first team eliminated share some thoughts.

The second pair eliminated

Thanks Coutzy! Hmm, where in Thailand would Elimination Station be?


--- Quote from: Neobie on June 02, 2011, 12:24:40 AM ---Thanks Coutzy! Hmm, where in Thailand would Elimination Station be?

--- End quote ---

Wasn't there one for one of the more recent TAR's??? Would it be the same place?

It's clear that AnneMarie and Tracy stayed one night at Venetian Resort before going to Elimination Station. What is not clear is where the other 9 teams stayed, as there are no accommodations at A Ma cultural Village. The most logical is the Pousada de Coloane. However, my bet is that they too stayed at the Venetian. This is based on needing a place to change clothes. Pre-assigned rooms would make it easy to have all the evening attire in the right size ready and waiting. They would have needed to change out of the evening attire as part of the pit stop, so the most logical place to do that was the Venetian.


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