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TARAus 1 Episode 3 (China) Episode Discussion *SPOILERS*

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Best Loser:
One thing I love about this season is how unpredictable it has been. Every team has been at the back at one point and every team has been at the front. I think it's not possible to group most of the teams into "good" or "bad".

I'll miss Anne Marie & Tracy.  They appeared to be true fans of the race, ran as hard as they could considering their lack of physical prowess, and looked to enjoy every minute they were in the race.  I'll have Anne Marie saying "carpark" in my ear every time I head to the airport.   Really sorry to see them go.  I'm starting to like the dynamic I'm seeing with Mel & Alana and Jeff & Luke.  They seem to be hitting their stride and I wouldn't mind seeing them both go further.  The dislike for Richard & Joey is widespread thru the teams and a lot of people watching the race.  I think Sam & Renae panicked a bit in playing the Express Pass, but it is unknown how long they had been trying to crack the code before they used it.  They felt it was better to play it safe and now going forward they won't have the security blanket to fall back on and will need to race hard.  Still liking Matt & Tom and Dave & Kelly and hope both teams stay in it longer.


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