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EP03: Vietnam to Macau (via Hong Kong)[/color]
EVIDENCE: Twitter posts Source, Sighting leaving Macau airport Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

Film Date: 10 NOV
Air Date: 30 May 2011

Leg Route/Tasks:

ACTIVE ROUTE MARKER: Fortune cookies and something involving boat?

DETOUR: Lion Dancing?? OR Tile breaking

ROUTE INFO: Make you way to Macau (by ferry?)
EVIDENCE: Twitter posts Source

TASK: Play Baccarat at Venetian Casino Resort - Dress up in fancy attire
SPECIFICS: 6-8 teams spotted at approximately 11:30PM
EVIDENCE: Twitter posts Source 1 Source 2

ROADBLOCK: Chinese zodiac (Definately in Macau and after casino as teams shown wearing formal attire)

Safe from Elimination at End of Leg:

* Sam and Renae - Last seen getting off train in Europe
* Tom and Matt - Last spotted at Ben Gurion International Airport  on route to Sri Lanka
* Richard and Joey - Last seen driving in South Africa
* Nathan and Taylor - Last seen getting off train in Europe
* Chris and Anastasia - Last seen doing crossbow task in Prague
* Mo and Mos - Last seen at shooting task in South Africa
* Alana and Mel - Last seen driving in South Africa
* Jeff and Luke - Last seen at skydiving in South Africa
* David and Kelly - Last seen in Prague    
Possibly Eliminated:

* Anne-Marie and Tracy - Last spotted reading HK Clue
Status Uncertain:

* Liberty and Ryot - ELIMINATED[/list]

Next time on the Amazing Race Australia:

- Fly to Hong Kong
- Tile Breaking or Cookie Biting detour
- Chinese Zodiac roadblock
- Chris and Ana miss the boat with Dave and Kelly and Tyler and Nathan telling boat driver to go


SPOILER ALERT:  :spoiler:


EPG listing for next week:

"Tonight, the race continues as the ten remaining teams seek good fortunes in Hong Kong. The teams are presented with the race's only fast forward [sic]. Will any of them be brave enough to attempt the hair-raising challenge?"

Yep, that's right, head-shaving. And guess what? Seven's advertising has been spoilerriffic enough to tell us who takes it -- in the commercial with all the "fly to..." clips, Joey's bald.

The boat trip would be between Hong Kong and Macau, right?

And you can add Muscles/Bambi and Mo/Mos to the Safe list -- the ads and precaps show them completing TAR Israel's Wine/Shoot Detour in South Africa respectively, and Muscles/Bambi are also seen at the crossbow task in Prague.

So I would assume that Richard and Joey use the Fast Forward, which is head-shaving again?


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