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When do you think the race will start and where?

I predict sometime in June and Los Angeles.

amazing race fan:
I agree. TAR has had a pattern since season 10 that they film early spring/summer then its late spring/summer. I would say that filming will probably start at the end of June. Phil said that it would start in June and going by this pattern, it will probably be towards the end of June.

This is when the Spring/Summer races have began

Season 17: Filming dates   May 26, 2010
June 15, 2010

Season 15: Filming dates   July 18, 2009
August 7, 2009

Season 13: Filming dates   April 22, 2008
May 14, 2008

Season 12: Filming dates   July 8, 2007
July 29, 2007

Season 10: Filming dates   May 27, 2006
June 24, 2006

The same...
first stop...South America..

Season 18 went to Australia first.
Season 17 went to Europe first.
Season 16 went to South America first.
Season 15 went to Asia first.

Hmm...maybe it's time for them to go to Africa first again, like in Season 1! :)

As for the Starting Line, I hope they don't start in California again. They should start somewhere somewhere on the east coast.

This may need to be moved to the spoilers board I'm not sure...


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